Valorant is getting a big update today, introducing a brand-new casual video game mode to Riot’s free to play shooter. The brand-new mode is called Escalation and it is Valorant’s equivalent of Gun Game, which is featured in other popular shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Responsibility.

In Escalation, gamers are positioned on a map and start with an effective weapon. As gamers get eliminates, their weapons will be changed with weaker ones, creating a tough race to the top of the rating board. In Escalation, players will work as a team in a 5v5 setting and will have the ability to use their representative’s iconic capabilities throughout the match.

Thanks to Riot, here is the bullet point list of how Escalation works:

Speaking on the new game mode, Kyle Leach, Valorant Engineer and Designer, discussed the believed procedure in developing this brand-new mode: “In designing Escalation, we wanted to create a fast, low tension Team Deathmatch mode with high uptime that’s fun to play socially with friends. We’re wanting to supply gamers with an opportunity to practice gunplay across the whole arsenal and experience some abilities in unique methods, while providing a shared objective that takes advantage of some coordination however doesn’t require it for a group to be successful”

Escalation is joining Valorant on 17th of February by means of a game spot.