Players will likely have the ability to make special items in the future.

VALORANT features a load of content for gamers to gather, such as weapon skins, gun friends, and gamer cards. Nearly all these items are hidden behind paywalls, however. But luckily for fans of the first-person shooter, a brand-new system may be added to the video game in the future that will reward gamers for their effort and their time invested grinding in VALORANT.

In a Reddit remark, Riot Games software engineer tehleach reacted to a VALORANT fan’s problems about the video game’s absence of a benefits system and said the advancement team currently has strategies for a replacement.

” We have actually got a couple of various systems in mind to offer proficiency/ time financial investment expression in VALORANT, they just regrettably didn’t make it for launch,” tehleach composed. “I can’t go into specifics but feel in one’s bones that we hear you and we want this things in the video game too.”

The designer’s remark was in action to a VALORANT fan contacting Riot to implement a brand-new system that rewards gamers who put in enough time to playing the game. The gamer described how devoted gamers should receive special products such as gun friends or player cards for achieving various goals. This would let them flaunt a special product that needs to be made and not bought. They used examples such as weapon camos in Call of Responsibility and the CS: GO badge system, which offer gamers something to grind for that can not be opened with a purchase.

It’s uncertain what type of benefits gamers will be able to unlock in VALORANT, however fans can rest simple understanding they will likely be contributed to the game in the future.