Riot Games’ brand-new tactical first-person shooter Valorant has actually been making huge waves in the FPS neighborhood since the release of its closed beta in April. With the official game finally out now, there has been a great deal of talk among fans about the possibility of specific cosmetics like Representative Skins in the future.

The Valorant authorities game currently features a range of fantastic weapon skins. From the current and the exceptionally beautiful Sovereign line to the cool and flashy Reaver Collection, there are a great deal of fantastic weapon skins up for grabs in the Valorant game.

However are weapon skins the only cosmetics that the Valorant developers are believing about for the video game? Well, we believe that it is not the case. After the designers lastly cover their heads around the competitive scene for Valorant, they would soon be checking out Representative cosmetics.

In one of the developer interviews with Anna Donlon, Dr. Lupo asked about the possibility of Agent skins coming to Valorant.

The developers responded to him by mentioning that currently they wish to protect the competitive integrity of the Valorant video game, and would not be adding Agent skins at the moment.

Unlike in League of Legends where champion skins barely impact the flow of the video game, in an FPS like Valorant, an Agent skin can provide a gamer a huge advantage. Having the ability to mix in with the surrounding environment is a no go for a game that relies greatly on opponent vision and clarity.

Valorant’s lead character designer Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott in a current Q&A interview addressed a few questions about the possibility of Agent Skins concerning the video game.

He is of the viewpoint that in games like Valorant that are based on the first-person shooter genre, character skins are of very low worth. As the only things that the gamer can see are the hands and weapons in them, making Representative skins is not exactly a top priority for the Valorant developers at the moment.

In the Q&A, Morello did go over the possibility of having a ‘switch on and off system’ for the skins, but he dismissed it by saying that if you can’t show your skins off to other gamers, then there truly is no value in having them.

Nevertheless, Morello did go over the possibility of something like skin mods that are there in CS: GO. In this regard, he said that:

” Among the values of the skin is having the ability to show other players what your skin looks like. By letting other individuals turn it off you do lose that value. And utilize a shearing part at that point, just download you know? It’s like you practically just want skin mods right? So we want to find a way to integrate it without needing to turn them on and off.”

So, for hopeful fans, there may simply be some Representative skins in Valorant in the near future.