Sports occasions that have been delayed due to the pandemic have actually slowly started to be reorganized, and esports competitions come initially in this regard: It is possible to state that all esports occasions that have actually been delayed because Autumn 2020 have started once again. In reality, it has currently been prepared which occasions and competitions will be held by the end of 2021. So, what will be the most important e-sport occasions in this period? Which tournaments and matches will you be able to bank on? Listed below, we have actually noted the most important esports tournaments between Fall 2020 – Winter 2021 for you. Note that you can position bets on any of them at many of onlne gambling establishments. And you can hang out playing the Valkyrie fruit machine while waiting for occasions to start!

6 November is an annual competition organized by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six. The initial tournament was planned to be held in Europe, but almost all events were canceled due to the pandemic. The current plan is for the 6 November tournament to be organized as online regional events and last up until completion of 2020. The first match will be held in Brazil on 30.10.2020, and the tournament in this country will end on 01.11.2020. Preferred teams such as Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pajamas will contend in this occasion. After 01.11.2020, Six November matches will continue in other Latin American nations. The grand reward in this part of the tournament is set at 100,000 USD.

This year we will see a new game in the esports industry: Valorant. League of Legends developer Riot Games aims to sit on the throne of CSGO with this tactical shooter. Established to be an esports video game from scratch, Valorant naturally includes its own worldwide tournament. The name of this tournament is “First Strike,” and it will begin simultaneously on different continents (Asia, Europe, Latin America) on December 3. Award amounts differ and vary from $ 10,000 to $ 30,000. Certainly, this is a “secret” for everyone: No Valorant tournament has actually been held so far, and no one knows which teams are better. For that reason, you can be sure that you will see rather wild chances. Nevertheless, Valorant is an extremely developed game, and it is clear that it will be one of the most significant names in the esports market.

We will start 2021 with Season 2 of the Winter season League. This DOTA tournament will run year-round, and the first match will be hung on January 4, 2021. The very first period of the season will end on February 14, 2021, but matches will continue to be played throughout the year in Europe, Asia, CIS, and the U.S.A.. The grand prize is set at $ 1,680,000 this year, and lots of favorite teams will complete for this reward. If you enjoy DOTA 2 bets, you can start 2021 with Winter League.

The 13th Season of the ESL Pro League begins in March 2021. Between March 10, 2021 – April 18, 2021, regional major rankings matches will be held and the grand prize in this process is determined as 750.000 USD. At the end of 2021, the final matches will start. However, local rankings matches are more useful for bettors, as it can be clearly seen who is the preferred and who is the underdog in the last matches. In rankings matches, it is possible to obtain dynamic and extremely high chances. CSGO wagerers can make high revenues with ESL Pro bets this year as every year.

Another competition for CSGO will start in July 2021. ESL One, restricted to Europe only, will begin in Germany on 06.07.2021 and the local significant rankings procedure will continue till 18.07.2021. Valve is one of the main sponsors of this tournament, and although the prize pool is limited to $ 300,000, the first string to win 4 titles likewise makes another $ 1 million (it’s much better than playing free online slot video games, right?) Team Liquid was the first to achieve this. We can say that nearly all of the favorite CSGO teams will compete in this competition.

The last matches of BLAST, among the most significant competitions for CSGO, will be kept in November 2021. The occasion will start on 24.11.2021 and continue up until 28.11.2021. In other words, we will bid goodbye to 2021 with a large CSGO company. Since this is an occasion that will be held practically a year later, the amount of the grand reward is presently unpredictable, however we expect it to be over half a million dollars.