Iron Gate AB further elaborated on a few of the plans they had currently revealed.

Much like Amongst Us was last year, Valheim truly has actually been the surprise hit of 2021 and it has actually taken the Steam neighborhood by storm. The Viking-inspired survival title hasn’t even been out for three weeks, and it has already shifted 2 million copies and peaked at 380,000 concurrent players. It has been so successful that it has even measured up to the likes of popular esports titles CS: GO and Dota 2 within the Steam Charts for most active gamers.

With all of the success and with a lot of gamers onboard, we’re sure that lots of have actually been looking towards the future of the video game. There was a roadmap detailed by developer Iron Gate AB, however undoubtedly, this was a little unclear and lacking in essential information. Fortunately though, PC Gamer had the ability to overtake the designers to discuss this roadmap in detail and shed some light on what is to come ahead for the greatly popular video game.

For the first upgrade, Hearth and Home, Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Törnqvist, stated that it will: “concentrate on your home structure aspect of the game, with more structure pieces and stuff to do around your home.” The second upgrade, Cult of the Wolf, is quite various to this as it will rather focus on the experience elements and will include “some brand-new fun and various encounters for the gamers.”

The 3rd upgrade for the game, Ships and the Sea, as its name suggests, will be focused on ship customisation and the ocean itself. When speaking about this update, Törnqvist stated: “it’s not as populated, I guess you might state, as the rest of the land biomes, so we desire some more things to do out in the ocean.” And lastly, the last upgrade, Mistlands, looks to be a big one as the intent is to bring brand-new products, brand-new resources, and a brand-new manager to the game.