Developer Iron Gate has witnessed a colossal earnings thanks to enormous sales of Valheim. The video game sold two million copies in less than 2 weeks!

According to Games Market, Valheim has offered 2 million systems simply under two weeks after its release. Iron Gate Studio is the designer behind the current blockbuster title.

Apart from witnessing two million sales in just two weeks, Valheim also got a peak of 360,000 concurrent Steam players. Iron Gate Studio shared the news while informing about the title’s dazzling efficiency.

Surprisingly, the figure then increased even more with more than 392,000 gamers on Steam. That’s remarkable for the developers who dealt with the job. And it’s an advantage when it comes to earnings as well.

Valheim was likewise among the most played games on Steam at the time of writing. Other heavyweights taking on it were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

What’s remarkable about this Iron Gate title is that only five people dealt with it entirely, while Coffee Spot released it. It showed up on the Early Gain Access To on Steam on February 2nd and sold one million copies in its very first week. Along with that, it gained a peak of 160,000 concurrent gamers as well in the early 7 days.

As a plus point, it also reached 127,000 peak Twitch viewers.

By integrating all these achievements, the video game is certainly a smash hit of the new year, no doubt. And it looks like it will continue dominating other future releases, at least till the next four-five weeks.

While one surprise launch may outperform others, it never ever means that players stay connected on just one alternative due to the fact that there is only way too many options to experiment with right now.