You may have observed Valheim in the last couple of weeks, the co-op survival video game that appeared out of no place and is now on-track to end up being Steam’s fastest-growing hit of all time. Less than three weeks after introducing into early access, designer Iron Gate AB announced that “Valheim has now been purchased by over 3 million brave Vikings seeking to endure the 10th world of the Yggdrasil– or pass away attempting– most likely squashed by a falling tree.”

This is, obviously, the equivalent of “74,319 longhouses stuffed with Vikings singing songs.”

It’s tough to put a finger on precisely why Valheim’s struck such a nerve. It’s definitely been popular among banners, and is presently the 7th most-played game on the platform, going beyond CS: GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust (for now, a minimum of). However the speed isn’t decreasing, and in the last 24 hr its peak playercount was a wild 390,000.

Whatever the reasons behind its success, Valheim is a great game undoubtedly: one that, as our Fraser put it, turns down the boring littles survival video games.