If you had not yet noticed, Viking survival game Valheim is actually striking the huge time – and after selling 3m copies in 16 days, it’s now reached a concurrent player peak of over 500k. Okay for a dev team of just 5 individuals.

According to Steam Charts, the other day Valheim hit a turning point of 502,387 concurrent players, putting it up there with some lovely massive video games. Only four other titles have actually ever achieved a concurrent peak of over 500k: PUBG, CS: GO, Dota 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. That means Valheim has actually achieved a higher gamer peak than Terraria, Fallout 4 and Amongst Us (although it’s worth keeping in mind that a lot of these video games released on a number of platforms – Among United States was extremely popular on mobile, pressing it to an overall peak of 1.5 m).

Valheim also has a little way to go previously challenging PUBG for the leading spot, as the battle royale peaked at a tremendous 3.2 m concurrent gamers in January 2018.

At time of writing, Valheim is currently beating Team Fortress 2, Peak Legends, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Rust for concurrent players on Steam (via Steam Charts). The latter video game, of course, had its own minute back in January: achieving a peak of 244,394 Steam players and 1.37 m Twitch audiences. Valheim isn’t doing quite as well as Rust on Twitch (with a peak of 147k audiences), however it’s more than doubled Rust’s player peak on Steam. It seems everyone has actually developed a taste for co-op survival games, although frankly I ‘d describe Rust as a little bit more PvP.

It’s a pretty incredible start for an early access game made by such a little team, and Iron Gate said it plans to expand in order to fulfill the needs of its enormous playerbase (via PC Gamer). “The Iron Gate team desired to share another big thank you to everybody who has actually already joined us on this exciting journey of mythological percentages,” the studio said in a post marking its 3m-player turning point. “To stay up to date with the old norse recommendations, this is now equivalent to 74,319 longhouses packed with Vikings singing songs and celebrating success with some great tasting mead, so. SKÅL!”