Follows the title selling over one million copies in its very first seven days.

Developer Iron Gate broke the news overnight, saying that the game had hit this turning point within 13 days of its February 2 launch. In truth, Valheim apparently moved 275,000 copies on Saturday alone.

This comes in the wake of the game selling more than one million copies in its first week.

Not only is Valheim offering well; a great deal of people are playing it. The title obviously boasted the second-highest concurrent gamer figure on Steam over the weekend, being available in simply behind Valve’s own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Yesterday, we reported that the video game had actually peaked with 367,443 synchronised players. At the time of composing, Valheim’s record for concurrent users is 391,325, according to SteamCharts, which it struck on Monday, February 15.

” We didn’t actually prepare for that. Our goal was practically to cover our advancement expense so we might continue to exist as a studio and continue working on Valheim. I guess our future is safe for a while now,” Iron Gate boss Richard Svensson stated.

” Valheim has actually not been hurried, it’s a product of more than 3 years of iterative development with functions included, and tested on a core team of early adopters. Likewise as a designer I don’t like to follow popular conventions however try to go my own method, this appears to have exercised.”

The video game’s executive manufacturer over at publisher Coffee Discoloration, Sebastian Badylak, added: “The gods have actually genuinely favoured Valheim. We’ve been revitalizing the sales report to get the most recent numbers, and it’s showing no indications of decreasing. We sold 275,000 systems on Saturday, our greatest number yet, and with the group hard at work actioning the Early Gain access to roadmap, there’s so much more to come that will ideally keep all these gamers engaged, and bring new vikings onboard.”

It hasn’t all been good news for Valheim, nevertheless. Over the weekend, Iron Gate needed to alert players about a game-breaking bug and informed them to back up their conserves.

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