Viking Survival video game Valheim, which is available on Steam Early Gain access to, has surpassed the three million sale mark in simply 16 days.

Coffee Spot Publishing and Iron Gate Studio announced the figure today. Previously this week, it was reported the game had actually offered over two million copies within two weeks.

Concurrent gamer numbers also continue to climb up, surpassing 390,000 previously today, surpassing some all-time highs of triple-A titles such as Monster Hunter: World, and GTA 5.

Currently, the video game has more than 60,000 Overwhelmingly Favorable reviews on Steam and has entered the service’s top 250 best-reviewed video games of all time at number 78 on the list.

At present, it is likewise the seventh most-streamed game on Twitch, going beyond CS: GO, Dota 2, Minecraft, and Rust with over 20 million hours of gameplay currently seen. Valheim also drew in over 147,000 peak concurrent audiences on February 17, its greatest yet.

Those currently playing the video game can expect brand-new biomes, opponents, and improvements to combat, ships, and more in the future. It was likewise recently upgraded with a spot that fixed vanishing tombstones and made developing campfires inside less buggy. It also made it so the video game autosaves more often.