The popular survival video game has reached another huge milestone.

The most recent video gaming experience, the multiplayer survival game Valheim, continues to grow in popularity. The video game just recently surpassed 500,000 concurrent players on Steam, which makes it amongst the platform’s most popular games ever.

Only Dota 2 (619,000) and CS: GO (1 million) had higher peak concurrent player numbers for February 22, however those games are free-to-play whereas Valheim is a paid video game. These numbers came straight from Steam’s own public information and statistics page.

According to IGN, Valheim now holds the record for a lot of concurrent gamers on Steam for a survival game and the fifth-most concurrent players for any game on the platform of all time. Just CS: GO, PUBG, Dota 2, and Cyberpunk 2077 have reportedly had more concurrent gamers.

Developer Iron Gate– a team of five individuals– revealed just recently that Valheim had actually reached 3 million copies offered, up from 2 million simply days earlier. Indications like incredibly high concurrent gamer numbers indicate even greater sales success in the future.

If you’re struggling early on trying to endure in Valheim, we’ve rounded up some Valheim novice tips that need to help you out. These consist of the pointers you require to build, fix, improve your skills, and acquire more resources. You might also be interested in our Valheim armor guide to help you outfit your character to make it through.

Looking ahead, Iron Gate has a lot more in shop for Valheim, including more biomes, mini-bosses, and lots of dishes to keep you hectic.