Increasingly more players are entering Valheim. Last night, the survival game hit another concurrent player record, this time breaching 400,000.

A peak of 410,990 was logged by SteamCharts on Friday, February 19, for the viking game. That’s a great deal of would-be vikings, and substantially more than the previous record from last week. The debut game from developer Iron Gate has taken pleasure in exponential development in its very first month, having actually now sold over three million copies, making it among the most successful launches on Steam ever.

To put that 410,990 into perspective, it took PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds several months to reach that number back in 2017. Valheim has actually been providing the fight royale game a run for its money for the third spot on the most played games on Valve’s store, and it’s not far from beating PUBG’s existing 2021 record. Still a methods to precede it scratches Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, massive, long established multiplayer games that are both developed and released by Valve, however at this rate, anything seems possible.

The launch hasn’t been totally smooth, bugs prevail, consisting of one that consumes your world. Modders have been hard at work, nevertheless, this mod giving you a lot more choices for your structure and editing.