If there’s one game that’s performed beyond anybody’s expectations in the brand-new year, then it’s none besides Valheim by Iron Gate.

The Viking-style Iron Gate launch, Valheim, has actually now crossed 500k concurrent gamers on Steam. It is amazing for this breakout hit title which is continuing its reign over competing video games. Plus, it just recently offered 3 million copies worldwide, under simply 16 days of its release!

The most exceptional thing to discover is that the video game is developed by a small group of just 5 developers. And the method it’s going today is genuinely unique for the Viking survival title.

Authorities Steam charts, on Sunday, revealed that Valheim hit the milestone of 502,387 concurrent gamers. It handled to pull that off in spite of tough competitors. There were heavyweights like Group Fortress 2, Apex Legends, Grand Theft Car 5, and Rust.

When it concerns getting 500k concurrent players, only 4 other video games have actually done it previously. They are PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Still, it’s a big accomplishment for the studio of just five people who worked on something, which is now proving its worth.

It’s just the beginning of the year, and there’s a long way to choose the smash-hit video game. One thing makes sure, however, that it will keep going higher in the charts a minimum of till the next four-five weeks, or maybe beyond that too.

On the other hand, there seems to be no shortage of interesting and gravitating titles at the minute for players around the globe. Much like 2020’s huge expose of first-class games, this year is likewise packed with an enormous line-up.