Valheim has actually broken another concurrent player record this weekend. The co-op viking survival game launched on Steam February second and had already struck one million players with a peak of 361,281 concurrent gamers. Now, just days later, the video game has actually exceeded its own record. Less than 3 weeks into early access and Valheim has actually been acquired by over 3 million players.

According to SteamCharts, the viking video game has an all-time peak of 498,478 concurrent gamers. The title from developer Iron Gate is now the 3rd most played video game on Steam after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. To top it all off, it’s currently the 7th most streamed game on Twitch. In a blog post on Steam, the Iron Gate group was more than pleased with news, stating they “wished to share another huge thank you to everybody who has actually currently joined us on this interesting journey of mythological proportions.”

In an interview with PC Player, Iron gate co-founder Henriik Tornqvis provided more information on DLC information for Valheim. The very first planned update, Hearth and Home, will concentrate on your home structure features of the video game.

” It will probably be quite concentrated on the cooking element of the game with more recipes and stuff like that,” he continued. “However there are likewise brand-new additional building pieces.”

The following update Cult of the Wolf will concentrate on battle and “some brand-new fun and different encounters for the gamers.” Next is Ships and Sea that will invite more colorful ship modifications. Last on the roadmap is Mistlands which will include a brand-new biome for vikings to explore and ransack, Tornqvis stating “it will be new opponents, brand-new items, a new employer, brand-new resources, everything, and that’s what we have actually prepared for this year.”

With Valheim just 3 weeks into early access and the frustrating amount of upcoming content, it will not be surprising to see the number of concurrent gamers continue to increase. The video game is readily available to acquire now on Steam for $19.99.