Survival game Valheim has actually cracked some really impressive figures in what might be the most meteoric increase to appeal in recent gaming history, selling more than 3 million copies in less than three weeks. With a peak of over half a million players online concurrently on Sunday, February 21st, Valheim has actually stepped past Dota 2 to become the 2nd most played video game on Steam. Its peak of 502,000 players isn’t more than Dota’s peak today, but it does still place it behind titan of gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (Far behind, that is: CS: GO has more than 1.1 million gamers online as of press time.).

Defying lots of tropes about survival video games as a whole, Valheim’s PvE focus and robust structure mechanisms have actually attracted a substantial variety of players. It’s a substantial success for a little studio, Iron Gate AB is a simple 5 people. “We had a sensation that it would offer pretty well, at least to sustain us, you understand. But it being a million seller, and now two million seller, is something we could never have actually guessed,” said Iron Gate Studios co-founder Henrik Törnqvist in an interview with PC Player previously today. “It’s rather unbelievable, and really humbling likewise, I may include,” he stated.

We spoke to the developers about how Zelda and Skyrim were larger impacts on Valheim than other survival video games– something that has definitely assisted fuel Valheim’s success. It has resulted in the video game defying the tropes of the early gain access to survival game, rejecting uninteresting elements like repair expenses and hunger.

That’s not to say it’s not hard, as our Emma Matthews learnt in her tangle with the game’s giant, tree-like 2nd boss.

The video game has a pretty intense future, if advancement continues apace, however even if it’s slow going the modding scene is currently choosing up. Mentioning the future, we likewise got more details from Iron Gate about what’s in the coming Valheim updates in its otherwise-vague development roadmap.