It seems the afflict of unwanted sexual advances issues in the esports scene is running amok. Significant esports press reporter and specialist, Rod “Slasher” Breslau posted a Tweet revealing that he has heard various cases of unwanted sexual advances from the Brazilian esports and gaming community.

His declaration followed reports distributed of unwanted sexual advances in the Brazilian League of Legends community. It began when LOL shoutcaster Gabriel “MiT” Souza was accused of sexual attack. He confessed his faults and made a public apology.

Ultimately other names came out that included LOL coaches Guilherme Henrique “Kake” Braga Morais and Hamilton “Shu” Neto, shoutcasters Gustavo “Docil,” and players Benjamin “Hyoga” de Barbi and Willyan “Wos” Bonpam. Kake was fired from Flamengo Esports and deleted his Twitter account.

However this isn’t limited to the Brazilian League of Legends community as CS: GO gamers were revealed. Fillipe “pancc” Martins, a CS: GO gamer for Sharks Esports, acknowledged that he sexually spoke with 2 minor ladies. Lincoln “fnx” Lau was accused of sharing a video without the female’s consent.

After experiencing what occurred last year when unwanted sexual advances cases ran rampant on Twitter, Slasher asked for a firm stand in addressing this concern. He’s hoping that Twitch Brazil will offer the required response.

Riot Games has actually officially made their statement as they removed MiT and other shoutcasters in their skill swimming pool.

Sexual harassment stories started surfacing in the esports scene after it grew inspiration from the home entertainment industry’s #MeToo movement. A great deal of victims utilized Twitter to voice out their abusers and create a domino result.

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