Bevis Mugabi, Motherwell player, beat Cristiano Ronaldo’s jump in his fantastic goal versus Sampdoria last season. The defender of the Scottish outfit, to get the winner versus Ross County, leapt 6cm more.

A video game that was 1-1 and a fantastic header for the winner. It occurred in Italy with Cristiano Ronaldo as the star and happened in Scotland with Bevis Mugabi as the star. However there is a difference: 6 centimetres.

The defender sent the ball into the net 18 minutes prior to completion of the match with an excellent header. As quickly as the ball hit the back of the net, the fans, in general, realised that the method which the player had actually risen was not normal, an amazing leap.

And it was the Ugandan’s team that boasted about it on social networks: yes, their defender has actually beaten the Juventus star. 262cm in the air and his feet 75cm off the ground when it comes to the ‘Well player; 256 and 71 when it comes to the Portuguese.

Motherwell even accompanied their post with some innovative art work comparing the two jumps. A couple of fans were sceptical of the contrast, but after all, the club had access to a number of cam angles and will have made precise checks before declaring such a milestone.