Previously today, Tyler Bevins, more frequently referred to as Ninja, stopped Fortnite due to extreme stream sniping incidents. He departs the video game that launched him into international fame.

The most current Fortnite stream session saw a few gamers apparently stream-sniping (described by Service Expert as “an opportunistic strategy in online gaming when an audience exploits information by seeing the livestream of somebody they’re betting”) Ninja 4 consecutive times. At the expenditure of their bragging rights, the Fortnite star denounced the video game’s gamer base, going as far as revealing he will not be returning to Fortnite for any further casual stream sessions. He made it clear that he did not want to offer stream-snipers a platform or the attention.

Ninja increased to prominence on Twitch a little over 7 years back, making a name for himself as a prolific Fortnite streamer. However, his Fortnite profession eventually waned after Ninja signed a special handle Twitch, and he proceeded to competitively stream for other video games such as League of Legends and Valorant. Though he no longer bets Fortnite competitively, he has actually occasionally wandered back into the game as a casual streamer.

While Ninja picks to no longer stream on Fortnite and his presence on the game dwindles, fans will still have the ability to catch up with him in other gaming platforms.