MANCHESTER, Jamaica – Two guys were caught by a patrol team working under the constabulary’s Operational Rise for the Christmas season, after they allegedly got into a property on Badminton Terrace, Ingleside in Manchester on Christmas day

Charged are 27-year-old Akeem Trowers, a mason of Hillside district, Knockpatrick in Manchester, and Andre White, a labourer of no fixed address.

Reports from the Mandeville Cops are that about 11:00 pm, an authorities group was on patrol and they observed 4 men running away from a home. The police team went after the guys and two of them were held.

Subsequent queries revealed that the males had cut open a section of the perimeter fence of the properties, cut padlocks to a grille, got in, and stole a number of products.

White and Trowers were later charged with robbery and larceny.