Popular Twitch streamer Sebastian Fors, known popularly as Forsen, has actually lastly been unbanned by Twitch, after an agonizing one-month wait.

The 30-year old Swedish banner was infamously prohibited off the platform last month, after he accidentally clicked a specific GIF of a horse on live stream, as thousands watched on.

His restriction prompted an inflammatory reaction from the online neighborhood as they called out Twitch over its questionable restriction policy, thinking about the reality that there are a number of other streamers who typically leave with far more even worse misbehaviours.

However, in what will come as a major source of relief for his fans, according to newest updates, Forsen has lastly been unbanned on Twitch:

Right after news of Twitch unbanning has actually gone viral, Twitter has actually been flooded with numerous reactions from his fans, who rejoiced over his return.

Prior to his ban, Forsen had more than a million followers online and was rather popular courtesy of his gaming streams which revolved around video games such as Minecraft, PUBG, CS: GO and more.

HIs indefinite suspension on the 26th of November, 2020 sent out shockwaves throughout the Twitch neighborhood, as fans pointed out that it was not a deliberate act deserving of getting an indefinite suspension.

As pressure reached incendiary levels, a whole month later given that the occurrence, Forsen has now finally been unbanned and fans are more than overjoyed.

Forsen himself posted an upgrade, much to the relief of his fans:

Check out a few of the other reactions online, as delighted fans required to Twitter to celebrate:

While the congratulatory messages continue to come in thick and fast, the fallout of his ban is expected to linger on for rather some time, given the questionable nature of recent Twitch bans.

Just recently, a banner by the name of MissBehavin got only a 3 day ban for deliberately exposing herself on live stream, while another called Tayhuhu was slapped with a much more severe suspension, only because her child interacted with stream.

Similar to the Forsen ban, Tayhuhu’s restriction was consulted with mass outrage and it was the joint efforts of the community which forced Twitch to renew her account.

As his fans come to terms with his return, it appears like the celebratory state of mind surrounding Forsen will eventually vanish, however the bitter remnants of questionable Twitch policy will continue to remain under intense public analysis.