Twitch Competitors is offering a distinct approach to the usual competitive Dota 2 format, assigning one captain to lead random rosters into battle throughout Europe and The United States And Canada.

From ppd to Lelis, NA is hosting some stacked teams, while the EU showmatch revealed that AdmiralBulldog and Gorgc might not have the ability to hang with a few of the existing players.

The NA bracket is the main event, with four groups led by a few of the finest American Dota talent available battling it out for $50,000. On the other hand, EU just had two groups battling it out in a showmatch that had two of the most significant Dota streamers handling some active competitors.

The event is just running June 9 to 10, however for anyone who desires to track the standings, here live scores and standings for each of the Twitch Rivals Dota 2 Face-off regions.