TT midlaner Twila revealed his big champion swimming pool by playing Renekton and Neeko.

After suffering 4 straight defeats to begin the 2021 season, especially to some top teams such as RNG and EDG, ThunderTalk Video gaming made their very first win in the fourth week of the LPL Spring Split by beating Success 5 2-0.

This series also marked the launching of V5’s novice toplaner Li “invincible” Xiao-Bing. Unfortunately for him, he just played the very first video game to be relentlessly ganked by enemy jungler Xiaopeng in the early game, lose, and to be designated back to the bench to let Aodi fill the position. He didn’t have a chance to reveal much on Aatrox, but he may step onto the stage once again later in the split.

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In this series, TT midlaner Twila took some creative choices that showed to be successful to react to V5’s drafts. He picked Renekton versus Syndra in the very first video game, which led to him grabbing a triple kill while rotating to the toplane, and Neeko in the 2nd video game to counter Mole’s Yone.

Although Twila won his lane in both video games and grabbed the MVP title on Neeko, it was likewise due to the help of jungler Xiaopeng. Both gamers revealed solid synergy and took over the entire map whenever Weiwei was away to farm jungle camps.

Both teams showed a likewise agressive and even savage playstyle, which used video games filled with action with over one kill per minute, in conventional LPL style. Even when there were no neutral goals readily available in the jungle, both teams engaged dangerous battles to wipe the Rift.

Those dangerous engages caused the doom of V5 in both games, on top of losing the lead early due to the fact that of Xiaopeng’s effective ganks. Even when the group started great teamfights with ppgod’s crowd control (who literally skyrocketed), they couldn’t show much coordination and ended by passing away to the hands of TT players.

TT will have an opportunity to grab their second win by playing eStar on Feb. 3, while V5’s next matchup will see them take on versus the 5-0 team EDward Video gaming on Feb. 2.