Although TSM had a rough start to the 2020 League of Legends Summertimes Split this week, the team has finally installed a notch in the win column with a definitive triumph over Team Dignitas today.

TSM’s decision making and teamfighting looked cleaner compared to the other day’s match versus Team Liquid, specifically with the team’s new jungler, Mingyi “Spica” Lu. The 19-year-old had a suboptimal efficiency for his inaugural match of the summer season, however this time around, he secured and did his task to secure the win.

” I believe I played quite well today, and I had the ability to have a great deal of effect on the early game,” Spica told Dot Esports. “Yesterday, I do not think my pick was impactful, so it’s type of hard to showcase. Obviously, we can always play much better. We still have things like communication and synergy– we’re still working on that, however I think today was a start.”

TSM are presently coming off of the longest championship drought in its history, having actually reached the LCS finals just as soon as in the last 5 splits. Frustration has actually continuously reared its unsightly head for this company, but Spica stated that the entire team comprehends that the race to the top of the mountain is a marathon– not a sprint.

” I do not think we’re the finest group today, however I believe we are slowly enhancing,” Spica said. “We have a great deal of things that we’re working on, and we know what we need to deal with. So, I believe the split will begin off sluggish, but I think towards playoffs, we will just increase and end up being an actually good group.”

Spica also discussed the general frame of mind of the team and their expectations for the season. He said that although they know it’ll take time, the aim is still to be the very best team in The United States and Canada once again.

” I think the basic mindset is that we’re a brand-new group, so we’re just going to gradually improve,” Spica said. “And then at the end of the split we’ll be like, leading 3. I think that everyone’s expectation will be us challenging whoever for playoffs.”

The young jungler also had some high appreciation for super star AD carry Doublelift, who just recently re-joined TSM after a lackluster end to his time with Liquid last split. Spica specifically discussed how his “commanding voice, both in-game and out of game” has helped him discover brand-new perspectives towards the video game and his playstyle.

TSM fans can capture Spica and the rest of the group in action when the 2020 LCS Summertime Split returns on Friday, June 19.