If you weren’t too sold on TSM, then a win versus Evil Geniuses to start the 3rd week of the 2021 LCS season must assist encourage more fans to lastly hop on the group’s bandwagon.

Throughout week two, TSM shocked League of Legends fans by taking down Team Liquid in convincing style. Many people were amazed at how different the group operated when compared to their previous performances, with the roster be much more proactive than previously.

This time was no different, with TSM remaining decisive and smart about the plays they made across the map. Huni played weakside Gnar actually well when again, while PowerOfEvil flaunted another Azir masterclass by leading the team with six kills, two deaths, and a game-shifting quadra kill.

The group’s macro play looks enhanced compared to their early-season matches through the LCS Lock In and the very first week of the spring, and their self-confidence is showing in their cohesive teamfighting abilities and map motion.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, are beginning to fail a bit more as the season end up. They’re now on a three-game losing streak with losses against teams like Dignitas and Immortals. The buzz they built from the Lock In competition has actually faded fast, and if they wish to acquire any sort of momentum, they’ll need to find some sort of consistency quickly.

Capture both of these groups in action when the 2021 LCS Spring Split continues tomorrow at 3pm CT