A hot start equated into a big win for among the latest teams taking over the Chinese Dota 2 scene. Sparking Arrow Video gaming swept Vici Video gaming 3-0 today to win BEYOND LEGENDARY China.

The team is practically completely comprised of newer gamers from the former Royal roster, with just 2 having actually played prior to the 2017 season. Among those 2, just Ou “Op” Peng has any real tier-one experience, having actually bet Invictus Gaming throughout The International 2017.

The reasonably brand-new group got off to a hot start, going 4-1 in a group stage with proven skill like PSG.LGD, who they would later remove in the playoffs. Their only early loss was to CDEC Video gaming, who took one video game off of them during the Winner’s Match.

As the leading seed, SAG took on Vici in the very first round due to the veteran team struggling versus Royal Never Give Up in the group stage. It was a close series, but Vici came out on top thanks to a massive 13/1/15 performance from Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang’s Ember Spirit in video game three.

From there, SAG went on a huge run through the loser’s bracket, besting both LGD and RNG, who they swept in a sub-50-minute series, to make it to the grand finals, where Vici was awaiting them.

Vici played well in video game one, however couldn’t hold their lead in the late game, losing numerous teamfights and falling back 1-0.

SAG didn’t slow down, taking game 2 without much trouble, however some issues did take place on the organizational side of the event.

According to EPICENTER, miscommunication on the part of the competition organizers led to both teams playing the series out as if it were a finest of 3, resulting in SAG too soon being called as the champions. DROOP and Vici both consented to play a 3rd game later in the very same day, which DROOP went on to win anyhow.

This Major success for SAG comes after having a stellar record in tier-two Dota occasions like the China Dota 2 Development League. If this occasion is anything to pass, there is another group on the come up in China that must be on everybody’s watchlist.