He year 2020 has been full of fantastic minutes in the world of video gaming and electronic sports and, despite the special circumstances that we have actually needed to live, we wish to recall to remain with all those things that have made us get a smile.

For it, we wanted to stick with a minute as the main lead character of every month and till completion of the year we will be unveiling a various illustration every day that we will accompany with a short article like this to discuss the most important landmarks that remain in it.

Confronted with a month of March loaded with news, April was a bit the extension of what we were already living. Events with professional athletes playing had already ended up being commonplace and costs so much time at home was starting to get a bit more tiresome. In esports it was an interesting month, despite everything, given that The finals of the various League of Legends competitions were played, for instance.

But for our April illustration we wanted to stick with Fortnite as the lead character. At the end of that month a very special moment happened in the battle royale, given that Travis Scott did Astronomical, his own in-game concert, which brought together countless players for a number of days.

In this case Yes, you almost entirely drink the illustration, considering that in the public we mainly find Fortnite skins that see the singer completely performance. In the background, in truth, we can even see other particular aspects of the video game such as a building or the battle bus. And on phase there is another terrific visitor, TheGrefg, who is trying to find his skin.

But there are some infiltrators in the general public: the elements of the G2 House. It refers to a video they published right after G2 Esports’ success over Fnatic in the LEC spring final in which they parodied the casket meme – which ended up being popular between late March and early April – with the Fnatic crest.

Every day from this December 20 we will publish a different illustration that will evaluate each of the months of the year. It will be 12 days in which you can keep in mind with us the most remarkable minutes of a year that, in spite of whatever, has actually had numerous things that we will remember fondly.