Tottenham and Manchester City have been knocked by competing fans for their mind-boggling efforts to cash in on their shared status as 2021 Carabao Cup finalists

Tottenham and Manchester City will object to the 2021 Carabao Cup last at Wembley on April 25 – however both clubs are currently attempting to money in on their status as finalists.

In spite of one of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola remaining in line to end up as a runner up, merchandise has actually been produced by both clubs months before the final.

Although Spurs will be wanting to win their first trophy because 2008, it is unlikely that their supporters will be hurrying to commemorate another possible last defeat.

In addition, with Guardiola winning each of the last three league cup finals, fans of City will not be excessively impressed by the attempts of their team to earn money from reaching the last two.

While the Tottenham site have been seen to have stocked both a celebratory keyring and a mug for the occasion, City have put up both a tee shirt and jumper with the word ‘finalists’.

One rival fan said of the Spurs keyring: “Small club mentality right there! Excellent old Spurs, the gift that keeps offering.”

A second said: “Nahhh certainly that’s not genuine, not having that.”

In relation to the City jumper, another composed: “F ****** hell that is atrocious.”

With another adding: “Clubs will do anything to make a couple of quid. In spite of how humiliating it is for their advocates.”

Mourinho stated of the last after their semi-final victory: “I support April 25. Give us some time, ideally the world will change and enhance a bit.

” I’m not wishing excessive, a full Wembley, however possibly we can have some advocates.”

With Guardiola saying: “When a team has the mentality to do it, we achieve something amazing.

” I know the Carabao Cup is not the Champions League but reaching the last four times in a row is unbelievable! I’m so amazed for the quality of this team.”

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