It’s undeniable that the NY Giants have a talented young core of players on their roster. We take a look at 5 year-two players who might have a breakout season.

There are a myriad of reasons why NY Giants fans should be positive about what the future holds for the franchise. Simply 2 seasons ago, the franchise was bogged down in a devastating income cap circumstance and was void of skilled depth at lots of essential positions.

After years of former NY Giants basic manager, Jerry Reese, missing on a high percentage of his draft choices, the group was required to pay too much for free-agent acquisitions in an effort to plug enormous holes throughout the lineup.

Additionally, a big portion of the wage cap was allocated to Eli Manning, who was on the back end of his Hall of Fame-caliber career, the offensive line was in shambles after nearly a years of overlook, the team did not have depth at much of the ability positions, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, and important salary-cap area was being used for aging veteran players.

While the previous two seasons were challenging for NY Giants fans to endure, there appears to lastly be a light at the end of the tunnel. Although it is still early and the sample size remains too small to sufficiently judge them, the three draft classes under Dave Gettleman seem to have significantly boosted this roster.

The NY Giants have also handled to rid themselves of the majority of the large salaries (minus Nate Solder) that were an advantage on the salary cap situation, rather of using the cash they had to sign solid young players at a number of essential positions.

In addition, the team seems to have discovered their franchise quarterback of the future in Daniel Jones, they have significantly upgraded their offending line through the draft, enabling it to become much younger and more athletic at the same time, and they have dealt with a variety of glaring holes on the defense.

While there is still room for the group to enhance in locations such as their pass rush, maybe at the linebacker position and maybe by adding a bit more depth at a couple of positions such as pass receiver and safety, this group appears to be exponentially much better on paper.

Last year’s outstanding draft class is a major element in what seems a fast restore process managed by basic manager Dave Gettleman. A variety of in 2015’s choices either had excellent seasons as rookies or at the minimum were substantial contributors who showed flashes of being key players for the team progressing.

With that in mind, here are five year-two players who might be poised to have a breakout season in 2020 for the NY Giants: