If you’ve been wondering just how much pro CS: GO gamers can make after seeing what Cloud9 spent for es3tag, then we’ve got you covered. This article takes a look at the leading 10 highest CS: GO earners in terms of competition reward cash. Keep in mind this omits their salaries or contracts with companies, as many of that info is not available.

The top 10 list of CS: GO gamers in regards to competition earnings may be extremely familiar for you, if you follow Danish team Astralis. Have a look at the list of leading 10 CS: GO earners below since 4 January 2021. Their revenues are in Dollars, and we have actually likewise added the rough amount in Rand based on the current conversion rate.

The data was pulled from EsportsEarnings. Remember that as more competitions get played, this info must alter. It will be intriguing to see which gamer breaks the $2 million earned from competitions first, and the wise money is probably one of the present Astralis members.