In previous years, this short article has actually been basic to write – the winning group at Dota 2’s The International declares the top five spots with basically the same quantity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no TI this year. As an outcome of that cancellation and some interesting developments worldwide of ancient board video games played online, 2020’s greatest earning gamers take a much different shape than the historical norm.

First place on the list might be controversial to some – should chess even be considered an esport? The truth of the matter is that this discussion is currently moot. After the unexpected increase of chess on Twitch over the summer, the worlds of parlor game and online gaming competition are now too closely connected to separate. Numerous esports organizations have signed chess players and streamers to their lineups, and huge name brand names like Hennesy are taking note.

This is exemplified in 2020’s top esports player based upon prize profits – chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen is widely considered as the primary chess pro on the planet, and this year he likewise ranks as the esports pro who has won the a lot of cash prize. Next year, Carlsen has a shot to continue growing that overall as a growing number of digital chess tournaments rise – including his own business’s Champions Chess Trip with its $1.5 M USD reward pool.

Next on the list, we see that the Call of Responsibility League got where Dota 2 left off as seconds through six are all from the league’s first-ever season champs, Dallas Empire. While none of the Empire roster ended up being over night millionaires like previous Dota 2 champions, each gamer got $300K from the win.

Usually the Dota 2 crowd have far more identical totals, but much of the Empire gamers likewise took part in numerous Call of Task: Warzone events held by Twitch Rivals and other organizers that provided their last tallies more of a variance. With Warzone remaining popular and finding stable ground in the battle royale area, CDL pros have a special opportunity to take part in vastly various esports environments with largely transferable skillsets. It remains to be seen, nevertheless, just how much of that will continue to translate with a new Call of Responsibility video game taking over for the CDL side of things.

In seventh place we have the sole Magic: the Gathering rival on the list. Paulo Vitor “PVDDR” Damo da Rosa was the Magic world champ for the 2019 season, which had its finals in February of this year. The release of a modern-day digital client in Magic Arena has actually allowed the decades-old card game to quickly increase up as an esport, with multiple pros consisting of da Rosa landing contracts with high level esports companies.

Behind da Rosa we see a second chess Grandmaster make the list. Hikaru Nakamura (who signed with TSM this year) is a world-renowned chess rival, however the esports world understands him finest for his function in creating the summertime’s chess trend. Nakamura is one of the leading chess streamers on Twitch, and it was his time spent playing with leading banner Félix “xQc” Lengyel that began this new age of online parlor game streaming.

Finally, closing out the list are 2 members from the runner-up CDL squad Atlanta FaZe. Once again, the rest of the lineup follows right behind, but just shy of the Top 10, with each gamer claiming $180K from that champion match.

Assuming the world opens up once again towards the end of 2021, we might never ever once again see this list without five Dota 2 gamers at the top. The greatest earning gamers of 2020 are a perfect example of just how out-of-the-ordinary this year has been for all elements of life, consisting of esports competition.