Exploiting the subdued Aghanim’s Shard-equipped combo of Earthshaker and Morphling, TNC Predator took a substantial resurgence win in Game 1 before going on to sweep Boom Esports, 2-0, and solidify its hold of the third area in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC)-Southeast Asia upper department on Wednesday night.

TNC clawed its way back from a 34k gold and a 6-29 deficit in the series opener as the lethal duo of 11k MMR bring Kim “Gabbi” Santos’ Morphling and 10k MMR assistance Timothy “Tims” Randrup’s Earthshaker destroyed Boom with almost unlimited stuns through the Aghanim’s Shard result on the latter hero.

The Filipino group used this broken combination to perfection to execute a five-man team wipe in the 51st minute and swiftly opt for the winning push.

“Laughs in Icefrog. This is the most broken stuff I have actually seen in a number of years. That’s for sure,” said expert and previous Dota pro gamer Dominik “Lacoste” Stipic, who was left in awe together with fellow caster Benjamin “Bkop” Kopilow.

Boom was unable to recuperate from that demoralizing defeat as TNC demolished the Indonesian squad with Gabbi’s overbearing Ursa.

Gabbi came through with 18 kills and 10 assists versus an only death in the 35-minute 42-9 massacre.

TNC remained at No. 3 with a 3-2 record behind the leading PH group Neon Esports with a tidy 4-0 slate and Fnatic with a 3-1 card.

Just the leading 3 teams in the eight-team upper department will advance to the first Dota 2 Major of 2021 in Singapore next month.

In the other match, Polo “Raven” Fausto and Djardel “Dj” Mampusti’s Fnatic made quick work of Filipino side Vice Esports, 2-0.

Vice remained at the bottom with Execration as the two have a dismal 1-3 record. The bottom 2 groups at the end of the first season will be relegated to the lower department.