The mouse was created by mouse customer Zy of YouTube channel Rocket Jump Ninja.

Having a hard time to pin down your objective in Valorant or CS: GO? Perhaps you’re not quite nailing headshots in Warzone? The Xtrfy MZ1 – Zy’s Rail is an ultralight video gaming mouse that claims it can help, as it’s been built for one purpose just: to enhance your aim.

It’s been made in combination with Rocket Dive Ninja, a YouTuber who specialises in gaming mice evaluations. The style they have actually chosen includes two ‘rails’, a nod to the Railgun in Quake, which are molded grips sunk into the primary mouse buttons. Xtrfy states these are there to help with convenience, grip, and objective.

In Rocket Jump Ninja’s words ‘shape is king’ when it pertains to intend, thus the distinct shape of the mouse before you today. That’s come out of some prototyping on the YouTuber’s part over the past year, and the design you see now is the one he finally decided on.

The MZ1 likewise includes a weight-saving style that weighs in at simply 56 grams, sans cable. It’s a resolutely wired mouse, nevertheless, so you’ll wish to aspect that in. It also comes with RGB around the front edge and down the scroll wheel for added flair.

At its core is the Pixart 3389 sensor capable of 16,000 DPI, the like discovered in mice like the HyperX Pulsefire Surge and another lightweight choice, Cooler Master’s MM710.

You can take a look at the mouse and a few of the background on its design in the rather extreme expose video above.

There’s a great deal of buzz about this mouse already, and it’s definitely not your average gaming mouse style. Pre-orders go live in February on the Xtrfy shop, so we’ll quickly discover if it is the perfect gaming mouse for aiming that Xtrfy and Rocket Jump Ninja believe it is.