In Argentina, half of youths under 24 are regular online game players, a figure that stays stable between the various areas of the nation, according to a study by Kantar mnibus of March 2020 The reasons are numerous: the situation appears perfect for online video games, which have turned into one of the great allies of enjoyable within of your house for children, teenagers and grownups. According to the Secretary of Culture of the Country, 2 out of 10 people play video games.

These were the games most selected by Argentines in 2020.

Grand theft auto v

The standard video game GTA V was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. It is an open-world action-adventure computer game established by Rockstar North studio and dispersed by Rockstar Games. Epic Games, the developer, permits you to download the video game for the computer system.

Among us

It is from the independent company


, which as they say in a note from Muy Computer” its designers need to still be wondering what happened and what is taking place “. It is that very first it is a title that was introduced a little more than two years back, that is, it is not a novelty. Nor is it a video game that is technically amazing. It is an extremely basic graphics title and also very simple video game mechanics, considering that it takes a number of minutes to discover to control it.

It is a title multiplayer, which requires between 4 and 10 players per game. It can be played with good friends or strangers and it is really simple with a popular format.

League of Legends

It’s a sand multiplayer 5 versus 5. The computer game is among the most popular in history: 115 million individuals play it on a monthly basis and 50 million every day. Each player has a role and an expertise: jungle, top, bottom or mid. They are divided into lanes and your objective is to lower the other group’s base.


It deserves pointing out that Fortnite’s audience is huge and in May it announced that it exceeded 350 million registered gamers given that its initial launch in 2017. To get an idea of its impact, the game surpasses Netflix and Disney + together.

Completion of the second season of chapter 2 of Fortnite exceeded by having more than two million individuals watching the definition on Twitch, a task that till now was held by League of Legends, which in 2019 had more than 1.7 million users connected on the Amazon streaming platform.

Weeks earlier, Fortnite announced the end of season four with an occasion. Today, players can enjoy the season five chapter two. The island changed and the designers added a zone desert. During the 4th season, users had the ability to use Marvel Comics characters such as Iron Guy, Storm, and Groot. This season, brand-new skins will be readily available such as Agent Jones, Mandalorian, from the Star Wars universe and hunters of new realities.


It was established by EA Sports and it is the most popular computer game today. Last year, 10 million people played the video game. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC.

This year the designer announced FIFA 21, a brand-new edition of the computer game. It’s debuting on the next generation of Xbox consoles and users are expecting all of its video game modes to get more powerful. EA Sports announced that players will be able to manage every moment of their team’s history with new additions to Profession Mode or immerse themselves in the essence of the street with the advanced updates to VOLTA FOOTBALL, which uses more methods to play online with buddies.


This year, the computer game passed the 200 million systems sold. It is the very best selling video game in history. It is origin Swedish and outperformed GTA V in sales. Each month around 126 million players link. The community grew by 25% during seclusion, according to the developer’s data.

It is a video game of simulation and world open. They make potions, develop, hunt for golden apples and gold underground, and run parkour races all over the map.