The Super Bowl LV stadium looks jam-packed. In addition to the 25,000 overall fans, consisting of 7,500 vaccinated health care workers, in participation, the NFL sold 30,000 cardboard cutouts to fans to help complete the stands. Yes, 30,000! No marvel the stadium looks complete.

With that said, some of our preferred celebrities are in participation, in cardboard kind, naturally, but their excitement around the game differs. Some appear like they were dragged there by force, others appear like they got lost on their method to another occasion, and a few look ecstatic to be delighting in Super Bowl LV live.

It’s clear Bernie Sanders does not wish to exist and he’s cold despite the fact that he’s in Florida. I’m really thankful he is still using a mask though.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy desires to ensure that if the paparazzi discovers him, they’ll get his good side, and they did.

Man Fieri

I thought he ‘d be at the concession stand but he visited his seat to present for a picture.

Sean Evans

If this isn’t the very best “I can’t believe I’m at Super Bowl LV” face, I do not know what is. The genuine question is, can Sean validate that there are wings at the stadium and that they are hot?

Girl Gaga

She’s not performing the halftime program this year, so I guess she has more time on her hands.