The technician of Saints, Alexi Stival ‘Cuca’, admitted this Friday that he has actually not yet specified the team with which the Brazilian will be determined on Saturday Palmeiras for the Libertadores title due to the fact that he has to believe about possible complications, such as the high heat and a possible extension.

Completion of the Libertadores Cup it will be in the legendary stadium Maracana of Rio de Janeiro at a time when, in the middle of southern summertime, this Brazilian city suffers with temperature levels near 40 degrees Celsius, which is expected to increase on Saturday.

In addition to the high heat, the physical condition of the players will be put to the test if, as decided by the Conmebol, the title is specified with a 30-minute extension if the match ends incorporated policy time.

” I have not been able to define the team because I do not understand if it will be a 90 minute game. It could be more. And if tomorrow the heat we have today is repeated it will be much more challenging,” admitted the coach of the Saints at the press conference he gave up the Maracana prior to the final.

” It may be that the game is defined at the beginning or it might be specified at the end or it might be in overtime. That is why you need to think of the best tactical alternatives, such as, for instance, if suddenly we start with four players in attack “, verified when confessing that it can include another forward to the team.

Santos play with a trio of aggressors made up of the forward Marinho, he Kaio Jorge and the Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo, to whom an offending midfielder can be included in case Cuca decides to enhance the attack to try to specify the match from the beginning.

” That’s why you need to believe everything extremely well and in every way, generally in the strategy of the game. We have doubts in the team and we have up until Saturday to decide what the very best path to victory might be,” he included.

According Cuca, even though the Palmeiras was the very best group in the Liberators of 2020 and only lost one game, the final will be something totally various and with an unpredicted outcome. “It goes back to square one and you have to have the minimum of mistakes to be champ,” he stated.

He confessed that, at 57, he has more experience and more titles than the coach of the Palmeiras, the portuguese Abel ferreira, 42 years of ages and who plays his first final on Saturday, however said that does not suggest anything.

” Abel does not have titles, but he is going to have them. And I hope he has numerous titles … however after Saturday,” he said. Cuca. The strategist assured that, after having actually exceeded teams of terrific custom in the Libertadores, such as Boca Juniors and River plate, the team is prepared for the last.

” The word fear does not exist. Unexpectedly we need to take care, however the competition itself taught us to be prepared. They were really difficult competitors and the worst results were draws with Guild and with Mouth. The players gained great confidence that allowed us to get here. ”

He added that Brazilian football has actually to be praised for having two greats in the final of the Libertadores on Saturday but clarified that neither can be thought about a preferred because the match will repeat one of the lots of classics that Saints and Palmeiras, traditional competitors in the state of Sao Paulo, have actually starred in its history. “It is a classic. Anything can occur. That is why there are no favorites,” he stated. Cuca.