DungCT has actually developed a chain of shops with his own brand name and has had lots of financially rewarding advertising contracts and a big loyal fanbase called CTers.

DungCT’s genuine name is Nguyen Anh Dung (born in 1988 in Hanoi). He was a leader in the PS4 livestream motion, thus building his name through the Live Video game channel in 2016.

At that time, DungCT was the head of a department at a technology firm in Hanoi with regular monthly earnings of as much as VND20 million.

According to private sources, DungCT likewise has a livestream contract worth no less than $20,000 per month.


Baroibeo, ie Phan Tan Trung (born in 1989, in Dong Thap province) used to be a player of League of Legends. He then retired to become an expert coach. However, Baroibeo’s coach career quickly ended in 2018 when his team did not accomplish much success. Baroibeo decided to retire to end up being a full-time streamer and established his own streaming company.

Baroibeo has actually been called many different labels such as Teacher Ba, Ba Ga, Teacher 3. He now has a loyal fanbase that declare to be students of Instructor Bachelor’s degree.

Operating on the exact same livestream platform with DungCT, it is approximated that Baroibeo’s earnings on this platform alone is extremely high because, at present, Teacher Ba is considered the number 1 banner of League of Legends in Vietnam.

AS Mobile

AS Mobile’s real name is Nguyen Huu Sang (born in 1996 in Vung Tau City). He constructed his own YouTube channel really early. AS Mobile channel made only VND2 million between 2014 and 2018. The turning point was made when Free Fire was released in Vietnam. Sang rapidly got familiarized with this video game and became the number 1 banner of the Free Fire.

At present, AS Mobile has 4.5 million subscribers with an approximated income of at least $20,000 a month, according to SocialBlade. AS Mobile is likewise an associate with Baroibeo and DungCT on an external livestream platform.

AS Mobile also owns the Heavy team that contends at the Free Fire and League of Legends competitions. In the summertime season, AS Mobile’s Free Fire team won runner-up and got a perk of VND200 million.

Do Mixi

The king of the livestream world, the richest self-made streamer in Vietnam today, is Do Mixi, ie Phung Thanh Do (born in 1989).

Do Mixi wins the hearts of viewers thanks to his attractive and frank talking style, whether he is playing games or talking with fans. Do Phung, a tourist guide, pertained to PUBG in 2017.

Since then, the names MixiGaming and Do Phung have increased. In the current video, Do Mixi showed off his 7-storey house situated at the gateway to Hanoi, which deserves tens of billion VND.

Do Mixi broke the record of concurrent livestream viewers at 242,000 at a live session in mid-August. This is thought about a record variety of Vietnamese banners, so he continues to assert his leading position.