Tahm Kench signed up with League of Legends in 2016. Given that his release, there have been only 2 extra skins contributed to the shop for the champ, with the most recent introducing in January 2019.

With simply 3 skins, Tahm Kench has among the most affordable number of skins of any champ in the video game. But the available skins are all well-crafted and put special spins on the champion’s look.

Here are all of Tahm Kench’s skins ranked in order of our favorites.

URF Kench puts its own humorous spin on the champion. In this skin, Tahm Kench can be seen using a tiara and lobster napkin with a big battery weapon strapped to his back. Launched as part of the URF Day skin line, this Tahm Kench skin is one of the most typically seen in-game.

Players who want to get a hold of this skin will be grateful to understand it remains readily available in the store for a price of 975 RP.

As the release skin for Tahm Kench, Master Chef is the most enjoyable skin for the champion in which he puts on a sushi chef’s clothes. This skin boasts distinct audio and visual effects to match the skin’s theme. Outside of the apparent clothing change, Tahm Kench has intense orange skin in this appearance as opposed to the traditional green skin.

This cosmetic item is still available for purchase and, for simply 975 RP, is definitely worth getting for gamers who use the champion often.

Introduced during the 2019 Lunar New Year event, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench is the most complex skin readily available for the champ. The skin changes the champ’s appearance and has him don conventional clothing, as well as completely different character textures. This legacy skin boasts a variety of chromas readily available that can further tailor the appearance of the champion, providing various color choices.

Gamers who want to get their hands on this skin will need to wait up until the Legacy Vault opens again given that it’s currently no longer available. Once the vault is open, this skin will cost 1,350 RP to purchase.