The Spanish League of Legends Super League is, without any doubt, among the very best European competitors outside the LEC and within the ERL system of the European Masters, and this season, one of the most even in memory.

Regardless of the fact that France is emerging in numbers, Spain is still the ideal location for numerous players whose goal is to reach the elite, and this causes that lots of rosters are being more than competitive.

Last Thursday, February 4, the 7th day of the competitors was played, which left a significant surprise: the very first defeat of G2 Arctic versus a Cream Real Betis that is starting to be liked in the Summoner’s Rift.

The G2 Esports subsidiary stays solo leader with 6-1, but desert the 18-0 idea and, more importantly, the objective of making an excellent League of Legends; in the last weeks they have actually lowered substantially the level of the start.

The Betis, for his part, he has actually put 3rd with a partial of 4-3 thanks to a great macro game, in addition to having recovered the very best version of Miniduke. S2V Esports also beat MAD Lions in a direct battle and he is second with a 5-2 in the table.

Movistar Riders complied with the procedure prior to eMonkeyz, and Group Queso was reanimated against BCN Team, although sources report that Karakal will leave the team in spite of being the MVP of matchday 7 for cheeses.

However the most interesting thing was seeing how Vodafone Giants recovered its finest level and, regardless of being 5th in the table with a 3-4 partial, it appears that it will be one of the groups to follow in next week’s superweek. UCAM spent for the damaged meals of the people of Malaga.

Category before the superweek (days 8, 9 and 10).

Superweek matches (matchdays 8, 9 and 10).

As we stated, the superweek will be crucial for lots of groups in the Super League; Vodafone Giants could chain 3 success and return to the top of the table, like MAD Lions, Movistar Riders or UCAM.

G2 Arctic will have to regain its finest level to keep the lead; the problem is the large quantity of fantastic video games there, with direct confrontations and encounters that would be authentic last in the competitors.

Matchday 8 – February 8.

18:00 – BCN Team vs eMonkeyz.

19:00 – Team Queso vs Cream Real Betis.

20:00 – UCAM Esports Club vs Movistar Riders.

21:00 – G2 Arctic vs MAD Lions Madrid.

22:00 – Vodafone Giants vs S2V Esports.

Matchday 9 – February 10.

18:00 – Cream Real Betis vs BCN Team.

19:00 – eMonkeyz vs UCAM.

20:00 – MAD Lions Madrid vs Group Queso.

21:00 – Movistar Riders vs S2V Esports.

22:00 – G2 Arctic vs Vodafone Giants.

Matchday 10 – February 11.

18:00 – S2V Esports vs eMonkeyz.

19:00 – UCAM vs BCN Team.

20:00 – MAD Lions Madrid vs Cream Real Betis.

21:00 – Vodafone Giants vs Group Queso.

22:00 – G2 Arctic vs Movistar Riders.