Although often it goes undetected by lots of members of the community, amateur competition is the basis of a gamer’s course towards professionalism, and for a couple of years, a fundamental link in the development of a figure.

Clear examples have currently been seen in League of Legends, as has actually held true with Elyoya, who will play the LEC in 2021 with MAD Lions after going through the Movistar Riders academy and, later, through the first team, or others like the guys from G2 Arctic.

In all this has been get involved the Storm Circuit, a circuit created by GGTech to give a location to start contending for all those who wish to attain splendor, however not just in League of Legends.

The organization has validated that By 2021 they will have Wild Rift on their gaming lineup, the League of Legends for mobiles that, for sure, a wide variety of expert groups from Spain will bank on.

This is fantastic news for the competitive video gaming environment, as it does not yet exist as such and will work as a basis for satisfying the ‘pros’ of the future. Further, have verified that January 10 will be the very first date with the Wild Rift Fest.

As indicated in the official statement, these first competitions will be marked by the existence of lots of widely known faces of League of Legends in Spain, however we will likewise see gamers who, maybe, will discover a place in the professional scene of Wild Rift.

It needs to be kept in mind that there have actually currently been Wild Rift competitions, such as the First Blood Showmatch arranged by LVP which revealed that the video game has a great deal of potential as an electronic sport, which 2021 will be the first year in which we see how it establishes in this location.

Hence, the Storm Circuit finishes its roster of titles with Wild Rift, and will have, officially, amateur competitions of League of Legends and VALORANT, all of them titles from Riot Games.