Valve revealed the winners of The Steam Awards 2020 on Sunday afternoon across 10 classifications with the winners voted on by Steam users.

Red Dead Redemption 2 won the 2020 Game of the Year award against candidates Death Stranding, Doom Eternal, Fall People, and Hades. While the game originally released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018, it was released for PC in November 2019 and missed out on the cutoff to be qualified for The Steam Awards 2019.

The game likewise won the Exceptional Story-Rich Video game award against Detroit: End Up Being Human, Mafia: Conclusive Edition, Metro Exodus, and Horizon No Dawn Total Edition.

Valve’s own Half-Life: Alyx won VR Video game of the Year and 2012’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive won the Labor of Love award, that include video games that have been supported with updates and brand-new material post-launch.

Fall Men: Ultimate Knockout won the Better With Buddies award, Death Stranding won The majority of Innovative Gameplay, Peak Legends won Finest Video game You Suck At, Ori and the Will of the Wisps won Exceptional Visual Design, and Doom Eternal won Finest Soundtrack.

The Sims 4 won the Kick back and Relax award. Though the game released in 2014 for Electronic Arts’ Origin PC launcher, it was released for Steam last June.

Steam is currently running its yearly Winter Sale till Tuesday, Jan. 5, and consists of discounts on many of The Steam Awards’ winners and candidates.

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