The Razer Book 13 is the company’s very first laptop not targeted at players. It takes much of what’s terrific about the Blade line, such as style and high-end hardware, and repositions it for the Ultrabook buyer.

From a gamer’s viewpoint, the huge lacking function is effective graphics. The 11th Gen Intel Core i7 includes Intel’s newest Xe integrated graphics, but you’ll be wanting something more for major gaming. Older titles, lighter video games like League of Legends, and casual video games ought to do fine, but you’re going to be pretty restricted.

Razer already has a 13-inch laptop computer for players in the Razer Blade Stealth. It’s extremely close when compared to the Razer Book for the most part, such as CPU, storage, RAM, and even the style and building and construction. However for gaming, it has two essential features that set it apart. The very first is the NVIDIA GTX 1650 dedicated graphics, which is amazing in a 13-inch laptop. It’s effective enough for 1080p gaming and uses far more for video gaming than Intel Xe.

The second feature is the 120Hz screen alternative. The display screen on the Razer Book 13 is excellent, and there’s also a high-resolution option, however gamers will always appreciate the chance to have higher refresh rates for greater frame rate video gaming.