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Interaction with the general public is essential in the age of streams and esports. Unlike what happened years ago with broadcast TV or what occurs with on-demand material platforms, those related to computer game provide different choices to connect with the audience and in regards to the competitive League of Legends scene in America Latina, this will end up being more appropriate for the start of the Latin American League (LLA) in its Apertura tournament.

Riot will grant the LLA hearing

During an interview with LEVEL UP, Juan José Moreno, Riot Games public relations manager, discussed the way the business will engage with the general public starting tomorrow, January 30, with the start of the Apertura de la LLA tournament. In that sense, the business’s bet is to treat its followers in the finest method through 2 fronts, with benefits for League of Legends and with a range of transmissions with crucial and acknowledged streamers:

Among Riot Games’ tricks has been to develop a neighborhood and this is shown in various elements of its games and its competitive scene. Now with this brand-new season of the LLA, what are the methods which you are going to treat your neighborhood and make it seem like a part of the competition?

Juan José Moreno: The first and essential thing is that all the people who see our League will have the ability to acquire benefits for League of Legends, this is a terrific news which we believe will bring in a lot more fans to the League. Also, as I pointed out previously, bringing in material developers that are well loved and respected by the neighborhood to co-stream will bring us closer to the fans and take pleasure in the League in a various method, with another tone and even with things that we typically can’t do. For Chile, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Argentina, the fact of having the ability to see the LLA on television is a terrific reward and that every day makes a distinction in the perception of the product. ”

In that sense, the manager highlighted the importance of the different offer of streamers and content developers for the brand-new season of the LLA to increase the audience and satisfy the expectations of the fans who wait for the start of the competition:

What is the function of influencers and content developers for the LLA?

Juan José Moreno: “Like the media, material creators are an important part of our community, they assist us share and broaden the buzz of our competitive scene and during this split, some material developers will have the ability to co-stream and include their personal tone to the transmission of ALL. We like this, due to the fact that they empathize extremely well with the community and on numerous occasions, they do it far better than us. We are very happy with this new effort. ”

The Apertura de la LLA competition starts tomorrow, January 30, and in this link you can learn about the channels and banners that will be in charge of the various transmissions.

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