Mindiff’s debut title will be free-to-play and is arranged to launch on PC first, then on consoles.

With the MOBA area dominated by League of Legends, Dota 2, and some strong competitors such as Heroes of the Storm, Smite, and Arena of Valor, it appears strong for a brand-new studio to go into the battleground, but Tenerife-based Mindiff wishes to stir the formula a little bit with The Never-ceasing Mystics.

The game will put groups of two-to-five characters in person in your common resource-filled arenas, however the capability to modify armour attributes on the fly, together with a somewhat quicker pace (down to 10 to 30-minute matches), are in place to make a distinction.

Arenas and characters (such as Olga, in the photo below) are embeded in the dream world of Khosmium, and Mindiff’s Business Advancement Director and co-founder Juan González Cuin thinks that the “almost frantic speed” of the matches will attract a broader audience, to the point of progressing the genre towards something called “MOBA 2.0”. Mindiff has actually developed its own engine for this and other jobs, however there’s no in-game video footage readily available as of yet.

The Never-ceasing Mystics will release in 2021 on PC, and in the future, it will be adapted to mobile phones and consoles.