If you have been playing League of Legends for numerous years, or have actually been extremely flawed in previous seasons, you will understand that playing jungle utilized to be hard before being one of the positions with the most demand in the video game.

Either due to the fact that of the character of being a jungle, that you are independent and can go your way, or the element of bring that you can get if you do it right, unbalancing the game from the start with some gankeos appropriate.

Well, in season 11 of 2021 this appears to have changed, and it turns out that the jungle position is among the least demanded since the beginning of s11, revealing the pressure that can be when playing this role.

Article link https://www.en24.news/e/2021/02/the-jungle-role-is-the-least-popular-in-league-of-legends-in-season-11.html

The Reddit user Royal_Clog has performed an extremely curious research study around mode flex queue, that is, the ranked mode in which we can choose our function before starting and be coupled with 4 other summoners.

Royal_Clog played 100 video games in this mode choosing the position fill, that is to say, that he might get any of the 5 roles offered in the game, and to his surprise, the jungle was the position that a lot of came out.

Circulation of your 100 games

In fact, it is striking that the role of support be the 2nd most demanded according to your data; a position that, prior to, nobody wanted to play which was thought about a less beneficial role than others.

Article link https://www.en24.news/e/2021/02/the-jungle-role-is-the-least-popular-in-league-of-legends-in-season-11.html

The middle line is the most required, and it really always has actually been because the beginning of League of Legends, either due to the fact that of the champs you can play there or because of the status of carry in the departure.

Consulting a research study performed by gamestoday A year earlier, in the top 100 of each of the major regions of the world (US, NA, Korea and China), the jungle was the second most popular role. To put it simply, in the top 100 there are many jungles.

And it is something very curious. Perhaps it’s since of the brand-new products or the meta champs in the jungle, but the truth is that the jungle is the function with the most pressure in League of Legends. It depends upon them early of the groups, and numerous players tend to blame the jungler if something fails.

To this need to be included the essential objectives of the map such as the Baron, the dragons or the Herald of the Rift, which grant buffos extremely important that can unbalance the game in mid-late game. So if you like the jungle, be prepared to face these problems.