The Dota 2 neighborhood is exceeding yet once again. The International 10’s reward pool has actually exceeded the $10 million mark in record time.

Considering that it introduced on May 25, the TI10 Battle Pass has actually led TI9’s rate and has slowly been picking up speed on the previous record holder.

Upon striking $10 million, TI10 totals just under a $1 million lead. But if it continues to sell at this rate, the lead must go beyond that mark by the time it strikes $15 million. That would put a conservative projected end total for TI10 at around $37 million without any significant boosts or reduces changing the current trajectory.

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The TI10 reward pool likewise reached the $10 million mark a complete day ahead of in 2015’s, setting a three-day record and shattering yet another marker that’s been broken each of the last 5 years. In comparison, TI9 took 4 days, TI8 took 2 week, and TI7 took 16 days to strike that milestone.

It does not appear like the preliminary hold-up of the Battle Pass nor the uncertainty surrounding real times for TI10 are affecting sales at all. If anything, the current international health crisis has likely assisted sales and must continue to impact the reward swimming pool in a positive method as Valve continues to present more content over the summer.

There are currently numerous new cosmetics and functions available for players who wish to begin grinding levels. And this year’s choice likewise includes 2 Personas and three Arcanas for a few of Dota 2’s most popular heroes, changing the ever-popular Pudge into a fluffy doll and genderbending the iconic Anti-Mage, while offering new sets for Wraith King, Queen of Discomfort, and Windranger.

The real test of strength will be to see if Valve can repeat its mid-summer success with the TI10 Battle Pass since that’s what significantly increased the sales totals last year.