The truth of not having in person occasions in the esports sector in 2020 has actually taken a toll on lots of business such as Ubisoft or Psyonix, causing the biggest tourist attraction of esports to momentarily disappear.

However, this has actually caused some games to award more cash prize in their online competitors, but it ends up that this has not been enough to unseat the player who has actually won the most cash in 2020.

According esportsearnings, Sven Magnus Carlsen, with his nickname DrNykterstein, has actually been the competitor who has actually made the most money in esports awards in 2020. Interest? That contends in virtual chess.

As it points Forbes In partnership with unikrn, Magnus Carlsen has gained $ 510,587 throughout 2020 throughout more than 30 tournaments completing on Chess24. In fact, the increase of competitive chess has been seen during the past year and this validates it.

Carlsen is world champ of Chess, acquiring the award in 2013 with 22 years, being Grandmaster (highest decor in Chess) given that he was 13 years old, and he has been the gamer with the highest score of perpetuity. In reality, has been the very best for several years for the huge bulk of chess fans.

Keep in mind that in 2020 the Dota 2 International has actually not been played, a competition that distributes more than 30 million dollars which takes the 5 players who manage to lift the Champ’s Aegis to the top of the rankings.

In spite of everything, it is a record for him and to see how chess continues to increase in appeal. In the last 365 days, the Twitch Chess category has actually increased its watch hours by 275%, more than 9000 average spectators and peaks of 160,000 in the entire classification of the purple platform.

Is chess an electronic sport? The reality is that it is thought about a sport as such, and in its online version it could be said that it is an esport, although maybe the most proper thing is to consider it a tactical and psychological competition that serves as knowing, inspiration and entertainment.