Alternative options: The Samsung LC24FG73 is another strong choice, with its curved VA panel resulting in better contrast but even worse viewing angles and a smaller FreeSync range. The ViewSonic XG2402 is an excellent option if you prefer the quick pixel response times typical of modern TN displays. It likewise crams in low frame-rate settlement (LFC), which avoids tearing below the 48Hz minimum for FreeSync. Testing has actually also shown the XG2402 likewise works well with Nvidia graphics cards.

The Alienware AW2521HF is without a doubt the best 240Hz screen we have actually checked, thanks to its modern Nano IPS panel which combines the conventional strengths of IPS – wide viewing angles and excellent colour precision – with the high refresh rates, quick pixel reaction times and low input lag (just ~ 2.5 ms!) you ‘d generally associate with TN panel monitors.

These qualities make the AW2521HF well-suited to busy competitive video games like CSGO, Valorant or Call of Responsibility Warzone, while still being a terrific option for slower and more cinematic video games. VRR is supported too, with FreeSync for AMD and Xbox users and G-Sync Compatible for users with Nvidia graphics cards. If you’re presently playing on a 60Hz, 120Hz or 144Hz screen, you will definitely observe the increase in responsiveness when changing to a 240Hz model like this one.

The only real disadvantages to this monitor are its brightness (~ 450 nits) and contrast (~ 1200:1), which can make black tones appear grey, and its lack of HDR support. However, neither are huge concerns for competitive video gaming, which is this display’s desired purpose, and SDR content looks just great thanks to this monitor’s colour precision, gray uniformity and large viewing angles.

Alternative alternatives: The AW2518HF offers broadly the exact same features as the AW2521HF, however utilizes a TN panel rather than IPS. This results in enhanced motion clarity, but viewing angles and colour reproduction are worse. If this monitor will be utilized for fast-paced video gaming exclusively, it might be a much better choice.

Meanwhile, the Samsung CRG5 is a 240Hz monitor with a curved 27-inch VA panel, providing exceptional contrast that enhances the look of dark scenes. Nevertheless, its seeing angles and colour accuracy are even worse than the IPS AW2521HF, and its pixel reaction times are slower than the TN AW2518HF. It’s still a good display, particularly for playing more cinematic single-player video games that can benefit from the high contrast ratio. The AOC C27G2ZU is another promising candidate that uses the very same curved VA panel as the CRG5, but it’s available for a lower cost – around ₤ 300 in the UK.