I played League of Legends from late beta through around 2015 approximately. I ultimately quit the video game due in part to frustration with colleagues and the long 40-ish minute commitment I ‘d be signing myself approximately with each match. Needing to stay in a video game for possibly 40 minutes with individuals who were already arguing and feeding in the first 5 minutes was just not something I had the time or inclination to deal with.

Still, I did enjoy the characters and world that Riot built around its MOBA and the studio has actually just done more in the intervening years since I put the video game down to expand on the tradition of its IP and richness of the characters that occupy it. This was a concerted effort by the studio and I feel its paid off. I play the digital card game, Legends of Runeterra, and it doesn’t seem like the studio is extended to find material to utilize in its game. It’s a testament to how fascinating Runeterra is as a world deep enough to base on its own in various titles.

We’ve known for a couple years now that an MMO of some sort remained in the cards for Riot, today that it’s been confirmed real, I’m pretty stoked. Not just due to the fact that I work at a website covering MMOs and Riot is a large adequate studio that it might lead the way to a resurgence of the genre, but because I genuinely desire to play on the planet Riot’s created. What could that MMO look like, though? Let’s work through a few of the prospective alternatives.

Riot’s decision here would clearly notify the remainder of the design. Is Riot working on a League of Legends MMO in the spirit of games of the past? Big, open worlds with deep character progression and loads of material and systems underpinning a (hopefully) really social experience? Or are we looking at the sort of MMO lite we have actually seen recently in video games modeled less after Wow and more after Fate. Smaller sized, hub based games focused more on session play with a number of players at a time.

Personally, either one works for me, however I wish to see something that hews more towards the standard MMO experience, mainly since we haven’t had one in so long, and if it succeeds, it would be a great case study for new money to flood back into the category proper.

This is the one I have the most difficulty with when believing about it. It’s not too tough to give players options of races to play in a League MMO, from numerous kinds of human beings, to void creatures, to the chimeric Vastaya, Yordles, mechanical contraptions, and so on. But it is a bit more tough to boil down the numerous kits of League’s 140+ champions to a couple of playable classes. It’s not difficult to produce the sorts of MMO class archetypes we’re used to seeing, however I question how compelling that would be for individuals.

At the very same time, it’s likewise challenging to picture that Riot would provide up all of those champs (even with time) as playable alternatives in the video game. A curated list is a possibility, and I feel this instructions is most likely if we wind up in the contemporary MMO circumstance (think Marvel’s Avengers or Marvel Heroes, even). A more standard MMO would be most likely to include classes of some sort with the champions functioning as important characters in the story.

Something’s for sure, though. I decline to organize up with any Teemo gamers and I will completely tunnel on a Teemo in PvP and get shroomed to death similar to I perform in League of Legends appropriate.

What do you believe a League of Legends MMO might appear like? What would you like to see Riot make with their MMO? Share your ideas in the comments below!