Valorant gamers have just recently become more singing concerning Representative specific essential bindings.

Quality of life modifications have struck Valorant for gamers, casters, and observers alike. One asked for modification since late is to allow gamers to set specific secret binds for each Agent.

This resembles many other video games, such as Overwatch, where players can make the capabilities whatever key they would like. Currently, Valorant changes that key throughout the board, requiring it adjusted whenever a new Representative is picked.

Like most of Valorant conversations nowadays, they begin with a post on Reddit. A Reddit user raised the proposal of particular key bindings and the issue with changing them around for different Representatives.

The remarks on the post were absolutely nothing except definite agreeance. It is not a new topic of discussion for Valorant but is getting steam as soon as again due to the Reddit post.

Numerous explain how it is a strong function in Overwatch, and after switching to Valorant, they miss having the choice. In Ask Valorant # 4, all the method back on July 31, 2020, Riot Games showed this was a high top priority item.

Obviously, the height of its priority isn’t all that high. This has actually been implemented into the Riot Games FPS and has not been discussed because.

Jason Falcone, the Principal UX Designer, answered the concern regarding customized keybinds for each Representative.

” Agent-specific keybinds are extremely high on our top priority list and we’ve already begun deal with the feature. Exact patch timing is still unidentified, but it’s something we wish to provide to players As Soon As Possible.”

As quickly as possible has not come right now. This would be a welcomed quality of life feature within Valorant. Just like an Accept/Decline option available in League of Legends and Teamfight Strategies, Agent-specific keybinds would not hurt.