He has a small 31 LP lead over the 2nd place gamer, however his winrate is much better, which must help him construct a range over the future if he keeps up his dominating performance.

During his climb, he utilized nine different champs, with his most preferred being Pantheon, Maokai, and Alistar. While Pantheon has actually been the target of numerous nerfs to take him out of the assistance role, expert level-players still find a way to utilize him in both solo line and competitive play. Maokai and Alistar on the other hand have actually recently had their pickrate increased after individuals recognized how to build them correctly and benefit from the big range of crowd-control in their sets.

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While Pantheon is a more lane-dominant pick which prefers aggressive lane playstyles, Maokai and Alistar are more teamfight oriented picks which are oriented towards the mid and later phases of the game. All 3 champs have fantastic itemization choices after the current item rework, enabling you to adjust to the present game conditions with ease.